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Alarm++ is a very useful program designed to be used for setting up alarms
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Almost all clocks are equipped with a timer alarm, but not many computers are able to perform that specified function. So here we have a complete tool easy to set up.
A regular clock just plays an alarm with a disgusting and repetitive sound, but this program can perform that function in so many other ways such as sending an e-mail, opening a pop-up window at the desired time with a text message, or playing your favorite song. It can also read out loud the event that was set up, for example someone's birthday, the time to wake up in the morning, or an important task. It has a nice interface that can be customized with different colors.

I will tell now my experience when once, late at night, tired, I had no clock or table clock with alarm and the only thing I had was my laptop to wake me up for an important meeting the next day. So I started looking up on the standard programs installed in Windows with no luck.

I was amazed that there wasn't any option to set up an alarm on my laptop, so I had to search on the web for any application that could wake me up with an alarm. All I found was a very simple online buzzer.

So I was so happy when I found this program; it is easy to install, customizable, and has a lot of other functions to remind me of an important event.

Guillem Graells
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  • It's so easy to use
  • Has a lot of miscellaneous options and a nice visual interface


  • Alarms appear as a pop-up window and can be confusing
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